My|Phone Review

Welcome to my review on My|Phone Products, come join me and share anything experienced in using My|Phone products to get more updated to all new Filipino mobile phone brand that offers dual SIM mobility.

This is a review on how far My|Phone Technology had gone through in worldwide competence of cheap gadget but gold in a sense depends on what specs that suites you.

Because you have the right in your blood money to be spend in a right way and not be thrown away, because you have bought a cheap gadget and easy to be disposed away because the quality is poor, then…………..  come join me, as we  take a review about My|Phone in the GSM World of Technology and its mobility in the non-stop developing world.

“It matters me, it matters you,

A  REVIEW thats matters Us.”


My|Phone is the first and leading Filipino mobile phone manufacturer in the Philippines and My|Phone is the first mobile phone provider with customized applications and content tagged as “Pinoy Phone”, a software exclusively created for My|Phone with a gamut of data such as recipes, jokes, and even prayers.